Product Marketing Manager: “I am not paid to be social media expert”… Think again?

September 8, 2009

How many times have you heard a product marketing manager saying “I don’t get paid to tweet or use social media”? I am in product marketing and think social media helps me in doing my job more efficiently.

  • SM is another channel of COMMUNICATION: Social media is another way to communicate with not only your current customers and partners but also potential ones. Using social media, you can interact with customers/partners on daily basis unlike trade shows and conferences which product marketing managers attend once a month.
  • SM gets you immediate FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS: Product marketing manager is the interface between customers, sales and engineering. Social media acts as a channel to get feedback and suggestions about your new products and ideas from all these people. This feedback is quick unlike surveys which take weeks and sometimes months.
  • SM helps you know more about your PRODUCT BRAND: People are talking about your product (good or bad) through social media, whether you interact with them or not. So interacting with bloggers and influencers in the community and addressing their concerns and questions will help them talk accurately about your product. Currently you are training your sales people to answer these questions and doing press releases which again take anywhere from couple of days to weeks. eg Zappos and UPS CEO conversation.
  • SM gives you more COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE: Social media helps you know what people are talking about competitor’s product and what competitors are doing. What customers like in competitor’s product and what they don’t. Lhearn from your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

Social media brings you a step closer to your partners and customers on a real time basis. That’s exactly the reason why product marketing managers must leverage social media.

More thoughts are welcome!!


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September 8, 2009

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